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Imani Films
CEO of the Miami Web Series Festival
Miami Beach, Florida
Bryan Thompson is an award-winning director, actor, and stuntman. Thompson’s acting career began in Miami in the late 90’s, when he was featured in both local and national commercials, then later in independent films and working as an extra in Hollywood features. In 2005, Thompson began writing and learned from industry professionals to convert his stories into scripts using the latest software and literary techniques. This lead Thompson to pen the now award-winning film “Noventa”, a story about Cubans with conflicting opinions about how to execute a dangerous plan to escape the Communist island country. “Noventa” won Audience Choice in Film Miami Fest 2015, Best Actress (Margarita Romero) in Film Miami Fest 2015, Best Short Film in the Miami Independent Film Festival 2015, and Official Selection at the 2016 Hollywood FL Film Festival.
In 2012, Thompson began teaching acting classes at L.A.T. Studio in El Paso, Texas. One of his Mexican-American students showed Thompson a 10-page script about immigration reform, created for a school project. Thompson liked the concept so much that he developed the script into a 90-minute feature film, in conjunction with the student, Humberto Castro, who went on to play the main character. “El Sueño” is the story of two immigrants, brought to the US as children, who become orphans when anti-immigrant vigilantes murder their parents in their attempt to cross the Mexico/US border. Their dream of a college education hinges on the passage of the Dream Act legislation, which provides a path to citizenship for undocumented persons who came to the country as minors.
In 2014, Thompson created the sci-fi/action series, “The Cell”, which centers around women with telekinetic powers resulting from unauthorized experimentation on infants. Thompson wrote the script, produced it, directed it, choreographed all fight scenes, and executed his own stunts. “The Cell” has already win international accolades including Best Directing and Best Visual Effects at the Los Angeles Web Series Festival 2013, Official Selection at the Hollyweb 2013 (Hollywood, CA), and Official Selection at Carballo Interplay 2013 (Spain).
Thompson served 11 years active duty in the US Army, from 2003 until 2015. He deployed to Iraq in 2007 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom . His projects tend to mix the elements of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and Social Issues.